White Noise, My Most Recommended Tool for Great Sleep!

Let’s talk about white noise!

What is white noise?

Technically speaking, white noise is the sound heard when every frequency within the range of human hearing in played in equal amounts, sounding much like TV or radio 'static'. There are also other variations of this consistent noise including brown noise (lower frequency) and pink noise.

When your little one is born, it is important to remember that they have just spent the last 9 months in utero, hearing the sounds of a heartbeat and loud shushing of blood rushing through the body. The womb is loud! White noise eases your baby’s transition into this great big world. Life outside utero can be very over stimulating for your newborn, full of new lights and sounds. White noise creates a safe space for your baby by blocking out that stimulation.

Aside from its calming effects in the newborn days, white noise is definitely the most effective, easiest to implement, and inexpensive sleep conditioning and training tool for babies of all ages. White noise blocks out all of the other sounds that may be interrupting baby’s deep sleep and creates a conducive sleep environment for your little one. Use of white noise is something I use (along with a dark room, swaddle, and safe sleep environment) with all of my clients. I recommend that all babies sleep with white or brown noise for naps and night sleep for a minimum of one year and beyond, white noise never stops being beneficial for sleep!

There are many great white noise sound machines on the market, many offering a wide range of frequencies including brown noise. Here are a few of my favorites!

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