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Which car seat and stroller would you buy??

I am often asked: “If you were personally buying an infant car seat and stroller, what would you purchase?” There is never a one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Every family is different and every family has different needs and priorities for their baby gear. Some families may be looking for a travel friendly stroller and/or car seat while another family may be looking for a stroller fit for jogging or all-terrain hiking. One family may be looking for the lightest weight car seat option while another may be most concerned with the chemical fire retardants used in the fabrics. Some families may choose to skip the infant seat all together and start with a convertible seat from birth. There are so many criteria that go into choosing the best car seat and stroller for your little one! All of that said: here is my answer to the original question! My favorite all around car seat and stroller combination is the UPPAbaby Mesa in Merino wool fabric and the Uppababy Cruz stroller.

The Mesa in Merino wool is naturally fire retardant and does not use any flame retardant chemicals! This is something very important to me. The base is easy to install, the car seat can be installed without the base for travel, the infant insert fits small babies from as little as 4lbs, it’s aesthetically beautiful, and an all around amazing car seat. The Cruz is full feature stroller with a compact design. The seat is reversible to be parent or front facing, the Mesa (and other infant seats) can be used on the frame, they offer a bassinet attachment sold separately, it has an incredible push and easy maneuverability even on uneven sidewalks, it has a huge storage basket, it will last you forever with a great size seat for toddlers, and all of the detailed finishes are gorgeous! While every family will have different stroller and car seat needs, the Mesa and Cruz would be MY personal choice! Looking for some help finding the perfect baby gear for your family? Schedule a gear consultation today and I would love to help!

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