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It is not uncommon for new parents to be concerned about bringing home their new baby. Some parents worry about their lack of knowledge on general care, others dread the thought of sleepless nights, and most feel unsure about how they will be able to go back to work. Through Welcome Home Baby, I provide services to address each of these concerns with a dedication to sharing my passion for newborns and my extensive knowledge with your family. My overnight care services include a brief meeting with you when I arrive at your home to inform me of how the day has been going and to address any questions that may have arisen that day. Once I am up to speed, you and your family are free to go to bed or tend to any other household matters as I lovingly care for your baby throughout the night while working on our sleep conditioning goals. In the morning, we will reconvene to discuss your child’s night and address any concerns you may have about the day ahead.

For a look at a typical overnight with a Newborn Care Specialist, check out my blog here

If you are considering Welcome Home Baby for your overnight care needs, contact me so we can schedule a time for an interview. At the conclusion of the interview, I will leave you a copy of my standard contract for you to review, sign, and return to me should you decide to use my services. A signed contract between us assures my availability to your family for the duration of the agreed upon work schedule. My standard contract includes care for 12 weeks on the days and hours you request, as well as, unlimited phone and email support for up to 4 weeks after our scheduled end date. I provide this support as means of helping your family to transition into its next chapter smoothly and ensure that you have the confidence you need as you enter it. You will also have the option to utilize my skills in sleep training to put your child on the right track for sleeping through the night or add-on other specialized consultations. It is my desire to make you feel empowered as a result of our time working together and aim to provide every parent with the tools they need to be successful in caring for their child.

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